Home of hvCARE.org

Highland Village’s Community Amateur Radio Experimenters’ Organization

This is a “covert” Amateur Radio Experimenters’ club open to anyone who genuinely enjoys amateur radio experimentntation, building, testing, learning, sharing, teaching, and most of all actually communicating in a fun and friendly environment.

We sincerely CARE about Amateurs

We sincerely care about our hobby, not club politics. No personal games or power plays – except for playing with RF power and DC Volt-Amps, hi hi.  Our High Voltage CARE , or High Value Covert Amateur Radio Experimennt operates without Bylaws, without Officers, without any Dues or Fundraisers,and to the greatest extent possible, without Voting or Politics.

Live by the Platinum Rule: “Treat others the way they wouid like to be treated”

Of course every organization needs some form of structure and leadership, whether it be a circus or or a group of deserted island castaways, therefore when you join us, you get to name your own title:

Ringmaster/Professor – You guessed it, that’s me.

However, positions such as Gilligan, Millionaire, Lion Tamer, Juggler, Acrobat, and Sword Swallower, are available. Even Clowns haver their place and there is always more room available in their vehicle.

Being a Covert club…

Covert? Nothing sinister about it. We simply try to keep a low profile. We do not advertise our existence, other than having this website.  We don’t even publish a membership roster.

A bit of History…

Highland Village Amateur Radio Club (HVARC) formed in the mid-1990’s. Its been around sometimes formally and sometimes informally, and sometiimes not at all. But the idea, the mission, the goals and principles have never waned. Perhaps under a new name HV CARE, but still the same ol’ philosophy. We ‘care’ about the hobby and each other, not the politics or bureaucracy.